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  • Bolted RTP™ Construction
  • Field-Weld Construction
  • Shop-Weld Tanks
  • Hybrid Tank Designs
  • LIQ Fusion FBE™ System
  • Potable Water Storage
  • Elevated Water Tanks
  • Standpipes
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Fire Protection
  • Digesters
  • Industrial Liquids

Tank Connection Storage Tanks

RTP Construction – Pure Water Storage 4.5 million gallons/ 17,000 m3

Tank Connection Affiliate Group – For potable water, wastewater, fire protec- tion and industrial liquids, only ONE company provides the complete perfor- mance package. Tank Connection is the only tank manufacturer worldwide that offers all four types of steel tank construction. This includes Bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel), Field-Weld, Shop-Weld and Hybrid Tank construction.
At TC, our product quality, powder coat systems, field installation and customer service remain unmatched in the industry.



At Tank Connection, our precision RTP bolted tank construction is the #1 bolted tank design selected worldwide!

XL Municipal Water Storage Interior Base Setting Ring with Concrete Bottom

RTP BOLTED TANK CONSTRUCTION – The BEST features of bolted and field-weld tank construction have been combined together in the RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tank design. In liquid storage, it remains unmatched in all category ratings.

  • Best design – Precision RTP bolted tank design
  • Best powder coat system –LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™
  • Long life…Low maintenance storage
  • The NO LEAK bolted storage tank
  • Outdates the API 12B flanged panel tanks
  • Modular construction – Shipped worldwide
  • Field construction process is rated #1 in safety
  • Economics of value
  • The RTP bolted tank design is the ONLY tank

design recognized as a replacement for field-weld tank construction

Power Utility – Process Water

RTP bolted tanks feature exact manufacturing tolerances and the top rated Fusion 7000 FBE™ powder coat process available for bolted tank construction worldwide. Tank connection also provides complete turnkey field installa- tion service, utilizing direct factory crews and international supervisors. Field installation is accomplished utilizing a synchronized, hydraulic screw jack process, which allows field crews to install tanks/silos at grade level. This process receives the highest industry ratings for quality control and safety in the field.

For potable water, wastewater, fire protection and industrial liquids, Tank Connection offers unlimited configurations in bolted tank construction from ground reservoirs to elevated water tanks. Standard liquid tank capacities range from 25,000 to 8,000,000 gallons. In all cases, RTP tank construction outperforms other types of bolted tank construction through its su- perior design, proprietary coating systems and safe field installation processes.


Bolted Steel Floor

Standpipe – jacked from grade level

Bolted RTP, Field-weld & Hybrid Tank Construction

Engineering by Tank Connection

The Recognized Experts in Storage – Tank Connection Affiliate Group is a collection of the recognized experts in RTP (rolled tapered panel), API 12B (flanged panel), FP (flat panel), Field-weld, Shop-weld
and Hybrid tank fabrication. With over 2,100 years of combined experience in storage applications, Tank Connection stands alone as a global leader in storage containment!

TC provides assistance at every stage of your project. Our dedicated site for liquid storage,, has tools that make it possible to select and specify a liquid tank in less than five minutes. Our capacity calculators are easy to use and have become the industry standard for quick reference. Specifications for AWWA D103, AWWA D100, EN 1991-4, Factory Mutual, NFPA 22, RTP (rolled, tapered panel), AISC and API 650 can easily be downloaded and custom tailored for your applications.

Potable Water Storage

Design Code Construction Type LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ Tanks
PDT* Service Life**
Other Coated Tanks
PDT* Service Life**
Glass / Vitreous Enamel Tanks
PDT* Service Life**
AWWA D103 Bolted 40+ 60-80+ 30+ 40+ 30+ 30-40
AWWA D100 Welded N/A 40+ 60-80+ N/A
FM 4020 Bolted, Welded 40+ 60-80+ 30+ 40+ 30+ 30-40
FM Principles (not a valid listing) 10+ 10-15+ N/A
NFPA – 22 Bolted, Welded 40+ 60-80+ 30+ 40+ 30+ 30-40
AISC Bolted, Welded, Hybrid 40+ 60-80+ 20+ 20-30+ 25+ 25-30+
EN 1991-4 Bolted – Glass Coated N/A N/A 25+ 25-30+
API 650 Welded N/A 40+ 60-80+ N/A
* PDT – Plate design thickness in years. A function of steel tank design. ** Service Life in years. A function of periodic maintenance and coatings.

Tank Connection Outperforms Competitor Storage Tank Products with Extended Service Life

Typical Liquid Tank Capacities (Reference TC's Capacity Charts for "diameter x height" sizing)


  • 25,000 up to 8,000,000 gallons
  • 95 up to 30,284 cubic meters


  • 50,000 up to 1,000,000 gallons
  • 190 up to 3,780 cubic meters


  • 100,000 up to 25,000,000 gallons
  • 380 up to 94,620 cubic meters


  • 200,000 up to 1,200,000 gallons
  •  760 up to 4,540 cubic meters


  • 25,000 up to 12,000,000 gallons
  • 95 up to 45,420 cubic meters

*Note: Hybrid construction combines bolted RTP construction with field-weld and concrete component features.

Elevated Potable Water Storage - We've simplified the process for customer selection

Style: Poster

Tank Construction: Bolted RTP Field-weld Hybrid

Pedestal Construction: Bolted RTP Field-weld Composite

Style: Diamond

Tank Construction: Field-weld Hybrid

Pedestal Construction: Bolted RTP Shop-weld Field-weld Composite

Style: Lighthouse

Tank Construction: Bolted RTP Field-weld Hybrid

Pedestal Construction: Bolted RTP

Style: Standpipe

Tank Construction: Bolted RTP Field-weld Shop-weld

Potable Water

Tank Connection Introduces their new line of Elevated Water Storage Tanks!

Visit us at:

We offer:

  • Superior aesthetics with architectural designs for the future
  • Infinite combination of add-on custom design features
  • Precision RTP construction utilizes synchronized jacking from grade level on select sizes
  • Best coating systems offered in the industry
  • Best designs tailored for cost efficiency, long life & low maintenance
  • Brought to you by the domestic leaders in integrated storage systems

Optional Tank Accessories:

Access stairways & ladders

  • Access stairways
  • Outside caged ladder with lockable hoop & rest platform
  • Outside un-caged straight-run ladder with SAF-T-Climb
  • Inside straight run ladders Maintenance access platforms
  • Radial access platforms
  • Walkway platforms Level indicators
  • Ultrasonic
  • High & low level
  • Liquid level indicator with gauge board & high visibility target Perimeter guardrails
  • Full perimeter guardrail
  • Partial deck PGR extended ~5′ (1.5m) on both side of exterior ladder

Agitator supports Flange nozzles Baffles
Aluminum dome covers Encapsulated hardware AWWA sidewall manways

  • 24″ (61cm) diameter
  • 30″ (76cm) diameter
  • 36″ (91cm) diameter

Overflow nozzle with weir box & downcomer
Deck manways/vents

  • 20″ (50.8cm) diameter mushroom ventilator
  • 24″ (61cm) square roof manway

Pumping stations Cathodic protection Immersion heaters
Insulation – vertical clad standing seam system
Agitators and agitator supports
Foundation design

Elevated Designs

Bolted RTP – Process Storage

Potable Water Storage

Anaerobic Digester Tanks

The Unmatched Performance of Tank Connection’s Fusion FBE™ System

At Tank Connection, we have raised the benchmark of coatings performance in liquid storage applications. At TC, we rightfully claim the premier powder coat system for bolted storage tanks worldwide. Our proprietary system and controlled station processes are unmatched by any other tank manufacturer.

How good is LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ & EXT Fusion 5000 FBE™ + EXT Fusion SDP™?

  • The proprietary formulations are unmatched
  • The factory application processes are unmatched
  • The field performance is unmatched

Interior Lining System:
LIQ FUSION 7000 FBE™ @ 6-9 mils average DFT (NSF certified)

  • The ultimate interior tank lining system ever developed for water, wastewater, fire protection and industrial liquid applications. Outperforms ALL bolted tank interior coating systems offered today worldwide. In potable water storage, our standard warranty starts at 5 years!
  • Unmatched in all performance standards including low maintenance and cost efficiency.
  • The BEST CHOICE to specify for Liquid Storage Tanks

Exterior System – Primer + Topcoat:
EXT FUSION 5000 FBE™ + EXT FUSION SDP™ @ 6-10 mils average DFT

  • The ultimate exterior tank lining system ever developed for water, wastewater, fire protection and industrial liquid applications. Outperforms ALL tank exterior coating systems offered today worldwide. This coating system utilizes the protective properties of our exclusive FBE epoxy powder fused to substrate with a fused topcoat of SD polyester.
  • In recognized exposure testing (Southern Florida Exposure Tests) our exclusive system was rated at “5 years” without change!
  • Chemical Wash, Rinse & Dry
  • SSPC – SP10 Blast (Steel Shot Media)
  • Interior LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ Application
  • Initial Coating Cure @ 350º F
  • Infrared Convection
  • Exterior EXT Fusion 5000 SDP™
  • Oven Crosslink Cure @ 400º F
  • Testing & Final Inspection

Standard Colors:

Light Blue
Light Green

Standard Colors:

Cobalt Blue
Forest Green

The colors shown are printed approximations. The exact color can be viewed using RAL standard color samples.

Field-Weld & Hybrid Tank Construction

ATEC Steel is an industry leader in high quality field-weld tank fabri- cation. With over 100,000 square feet of fabrication space, ATEC can handle projects of any size. In the shop, we utilize the latest state-of-the-art fabrication equipment for computerized painting and roll- ing of materials. We also offer environmental controlled blast and coating services to meet customer specification requirements.

At ATEC it all starts with the right support team. All employees have extensive backgrounds in tank and steel fabrication. Our in-house engineering consists of professional engineering services, experienced project managers and CAD layout operators. Our experience level al-lows us to respond quickly and precisely to customer requests.

In the shop, ATEC production processes establish the benchmark for performance in field-weld tank fabrication. Documented safety and quality control procedures, economy of scale processes and precision fabrication practices set ATEC far apart from other field-weld tank manufacturers.

www.At ecSt

Typical Range of Tank Capacities:
100,000 up to 25,000,000 gallons
380 up to 94,620 cubic meters

Liquid Service Markets:
Industrial Liquids Municipal Water & Wastewater

XL Liquid Tank

Potable Water

Liquid Terminal

About Tank Connection

The Tank Connection Affiliate Group is an integrated family of companies that specialize in liquid and dry bulk storage applications worldwide. Unlike tank suppliers that offer a single choice in tank construction, TC is the only global tank manufacturer that designs, fabricates and installs all four types of steel storage tanks including Bolted RTP, Field-weld, Shopweld and Hybrid Tank construction. TC products also com- mand the top performance ratings in the industry.

Field-Weld Standpipe |Bolted RTP Standpipe

• ATEC Steel® – Industry leader in field-weld tank fabrication
• Tank Connection® – Global leader in bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tank fabrication and integrated storage systems
• – Tank Connection liquid division
• BOSS Tank® – Industry leader in shop-weld and hybrid tank fabrication
• Alliance Constructors® – Top ranked bolted tank field installation company providing tank erection services worldwide

There’s a reason why Tank Connection is recognized as the new leader in liquid storage and it all starts with consistent, reliable performance on every project. If our project involves a single silo or an integrated storage system, no one offers more services and creative solutions than TC. From the quote stage through order process, drawing approval, material fabrication and field installation, Tank Connection will provide streamlined processing and “Golden Rule” customer service.

Liquid Tank Storage & Process Applications – Visit

Potable Water • Power Generation • Fire Protection • Industrial Liquids • Petroleum

Aeration tanks
Anaerobic digester
Aerobic digester
Brine water
Brackish water
Crude Oil
Deionized water
Demineralized water
Desalinated water

Filter tanks
Fire protection water
Industrial process water
Industrial liquids
Industrial effluent
Municipal sludge treatment
Municipal potable water
Leachate storage
Potable water
Process water

Primary treatment
Raw water
Slurry tanks
Settling tanks
Secondary treatment
Sludge dewatering
Storm water run-off
Trickling filters
Ultrapure water
Wastewater Treatment

Water & Wastewater Facility

Bolted RTP Standpipe

Another Tank Manufacturing Facility!

In December 2008, Tank Connection brought online an 85,000 square ft. manu- facturing facility for bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tank construction. This facility is state-of-the-art and commands the top position in bolted tank manufac- turing worldwide.

Another Tank Connection manufacturing facility was unveiled in December 2008. Facility manufactures the top rated “RTP” bolted tank design selected worldwide.

With five facilities and over 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space dedicated to storage tank fabrication, TC Affiliates has created the ultimate SINGLE SOURCE approach to liquid storage systems. . . and they back it with the largest support team of recognized industry experts in storage containment applications.

Tank Connection Global Services

• Telephone & email consultation
• Specification development
• Budget assistance
• Professional engineering services
• Customized tank design
• Foundation design
• Integrated storage system design
• Firm bid proposals –materials & field installation
• CAD & 3D general arrangement drawings
• Professional project management services
• Direct factory supervisors & field installation crews
• Tank inspections, testing & commissioning
• Storage tank retrofit & repair service
• “Golden rule” customer service