Membrane biogas holder (Membrane biogas tank, biogas bag, box etc.) comes from Euro,and which has been widely used in western countries. The well designed system has many irreplaceable advantages than the traditional biogas storage in China, and it also can be regarded as a tendency. Many customers who have ever used this system,they all feel greatest satisfied.

Fundamental consist of this system:
1. Main material: Biogas special-used membrane material is made of highly tear-resistant polyester fabrics and generally it can be divided into inner membrane and outer membrane. Detailed information, please call us.
2. Gas in and out system: standard pipeline
3. Boost pump: make to order
4. Observation window: standard stainless steel
5. Probing system: make to order
6. Auto-control system: make to order
7. Alarming system: make to order
8. Display system: make to order
9. Security: safe by water seal and electric decompression
10. Functional tank: different kinds of metal materials
11. Different kinds of pipe lines, valves and sealing

Why membrane biogas holder better than the traditional one?
Compared with Chinese traditional biogas storage (wet-type,dry-type),membrane storage system get the advantage as follows:
1. Biogas can be 100% used, the inner biogas can be totally squeezed out which is hardly to achieve by the traditional one.

2. In light weight: It weighs only a small percentage than the traditional one. This does great good for make, transportation, installation, etc. And saving a lot of construction time and material cost.

3. No need to maintain for long: For the membrane field is made of the super anti-corrosion material, and can last more than 15 years in the biogas circumstance. Meanwhile, it is well welded by hot-melted materials, so we do not have to do regular maintain when use membrane storage.

4. It saves much time and labor: For it is small and light, also the membrane field has been well-shaped in factory, so the on-site installation will just cost 1-2 days.

5. Saving money: From the mentioned above, we can know that the total cost is lower than that of the traditional one.

6. Anti-freezing: For there is no water in the inner structure, there is no need to worry about the frozen problem in the cold area.

7. Keep warm: As we know, air is the perfect medium to keep warm. So the air between two-layer membrane makes the system warmer than the traditional one.

8. Artistic: The main color of the membrane is grey white, so it can easily be matched. Meanwhile, the whole structure is designed to be spheroidal, and this arise the sense of beauty.

9. Comparatively safe when accident happens: Anyway, biogas is flammable gases, if by any chance explosion happens, it will not produce so much injury pieces as other hard material made storage.

10.  Easily repair: If unforeseeable things happened, most of the maintenance can be easily done at present. For example,When gas leaking, it only need a small patch.

11.  Easily remove: If customer needs to remove the system, it can be easily achieved. There is no need to worry about the by-way produced useless and difficult transportation. From this point, it is better than any kind of traditional design.

12.  Fire protection: The material of membrane field is non-flammable, the fire protection grade reach the Euro-standard B.

The out membrane is used to protect and keep the structure of the biogas holder, and the inner membrane is used to gather and store biogas. The air pressure of the out and inner membrane is adjusted and kept by an air blower. So biogas in the inner membrane is sent to the gas pipelines. This system has been long-time tested, at least be functional for 15 years.

Main material:

Biogas specialized membrane material is made of imported high-strengthened, high-elastic synthetic engineering membrane and of perfect anti-acid and anti-corrosion ability, so we do not have to do regular maintain when we use membrane storage tank. The biogas specific membrane has been widely used in energy treatment, sewage treatment, agriculture waste, landfill site and other industries. The service life is over 15 years.


Imported special high polyester materials. Outer membrane can be against static electricity, ultraviolet radiation and aging. Inner coat can be against biogas leakage, fire(Euro Standard B), abrasion, pleating and H2S;
Biogas container is light in weight, lower weight pressure on tank body than steel tank top; Lower pressure of independent gas container on base, civil work investment can be decreased. No freezing problem in winter and can realize non-break operation

For long years of being specific in our biogas tank manufacture, we have many unique designs:

Ventilation between the inner membrane and outer membrane.
If there are few biogases in the air between, so we must ventilate. As we know biogas are explosive gases, so it would be dangerous to let it be there.
Drainage design between the inner membrane and outer membrane.
If there is temperature difference, it will form condensation water. Specially, in cold area, water will easily freeze, this will totally do harm to the storage system. So we have drainage system between the inner membrane and outer membrane.
Special designed inner membrane
We have taken advanced tension structure, which makes the inner membrane try to be as less folded as possible. This will greatly increase the lifespan of biogas tank.


There are thousands of membrane in the world with different usage. With years of experiences on membrane material, AMOCO customize the membrane of biogas storage system for each customers with below features:

External Membrane — high-tensile strength, high self-cleaning, high UV protection, corrosion resistance, resistance to big temperature difference, fire-proof(Euro-B standard);
Internal Membrane — high density, resistance to break, aging resistance, anti-microbial, chemical resistance, resistance to big temperature difference, fire-proof(Euro-B standard);

We respect customers’ choice on membrane material. If customer has request on membrane, we will evaluate it and discuss with customers. Supposed the membrane is unsuitable or worst, we will illustrate the reasons and refuse to use it considering the quality and safety of biogas storage system.