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Only the EXPERTS in STORAGE CONTAINMENT, Tank Connection Affiliate Group, could bring you aluminum dome construction that is designed, manufactured and constructed better than competitor products.

At, we offer precision quality, premier design, innovation in application and unmatched field installation services. Constructed entirely of aluminum utilizing our proprietary component fabrication, our domes are corrosion resistant, maintenance free and are designed for extended service life.

We offer the BEST Aluminum Dome Design offered today for industrial, municipal and petroleum applications. Review our design details and compare to competitor designs:

Batten Bar, Panel & Beam Section Details

Fig. 1 – Detai

Fig. 2 – Detail

Fig. 3 – Competitor Detai

Fig. 1 & 2 – At our beam design uses flange stiffeners for maximum
beam strength.  The batten bar attachment slot does not attempt to pre-form threads
for screws that attach the batten bar to the beam, since a ¼” bolt thread pattern requires tolerances in excess of what can be extruded  in aluminum.  Instead this slot is sized for a thread rolling fastener that can be removed and installed multiple times in the same slot. The batten bar is designed as a leaf spring to compress the low memory set silicone gasket between the panel and the batten bar. The panel edge bend is designed such that when the batten is tightened, the panel is pushed into the gasket. This is the only batten system with three redundant features to ensure a leak free design. The batten legs are also designed to prevent twisting when personnel access the dome roof.

Fig. 3 – The attempt to form threads in the beam at the extrusion mill is not practical due to normal extrusion process tolerance.  A screw will strip out the threads in the slot after one or two installations and will not develop maximum strength. No flange stiffeners are allowed due to manufacturing limitations. The gasket compression is the sole device for sealing the joint.

Node detail utilizes proprietary extrusion design. – Spun aluminum gusset cover provides precision seal.

Competitor Design – Pressed cover provides inconsistent seal.

At, we design, manufacture and install aluminum domes for the following applications:

• Water & Wastewater
• Dry Bulk Storage Containment
• Petroleum
• Architectural Applications

Unlike other dome manufacturers that use subcontracted labor for field installation, we install our domes with direct factory crews. Complete turnkey design, supply and field installation by one company!

Currently, we offer 40 available sizes ranging from 32′ diameter up to 300′ diameter (9.95m up to 61.75m). If you are shopping for aluminum domes in this size range, we offer:

• The Best Dome Design
• The Best Dome Quality
• The Best Dome Price
• The Best Warranty on Materials and Installation

TCAG is an integrated family of companies that specialize in liquid and dry bulk storage applications worldwide. Our storage products and field services not only command the highest quality ratings in the industry, but our process operations are vertically integrated, which promotes our global position as a competitive price leader. Starting with material procurement at the mill and finishing with construction services in the field, all value-added design, manufacturing, project management, system integration and field installation services are performed by TC personnel.

•  All Aluminum Construction
•  Corrosion Resistant
•  Maintenance Free
•  TCAG Engineering Excellence
•  Strongest Space Frame Design
•  Clear Span Design
•  Installation by TCAG
•  Water Tight Construction
•  Reduced Vapor Losses on Internal & External Floaters
•  Quick Field Installation
•  Extended Service Life
•  Std. Warranty 3 Years
•  Optimum Cost Efficiency
•  Superior Aesthetics
•  Superior Performance